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Simulation-based training has long been known to provide the most efficient learning for business, finance, and management skills. But prohibitively high development costs have limited its adoption.

KDCalc enables non-programmers to quickly and easily create sophisticated, multivariate eLearning simulations. Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Designers can leverage the power and ease of Excel to turn their knowledge into global learning experiences.

See our Break Even Analysis Demo for a live example using KDCalc to teach the fundamental financial concept of performing a break even analysis.

For more information on developing eLearning Simulations, send us an e-mail.

Customer Quotes
" Our application, QuoteIT, using KDCalc was promoted to production servers in March. The functions that it provides to our corporate sales staff are well liked and it is starting to make a difference to the bidding process... as a direct result we are looking to write a second application and extend the user base substantially to other business segments."
-Stephen W.
"Our system went live in Malaysia today, and so far I haven't had a 'phone call! No news is good news in this game! Thanks for all your support in getting us to this point. The deal would have undoubtedly fallen through without KDCalc."
-Nick P.
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