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KDCalc lets financial trading professionals leverage the power of Excel to develop real-time trading support and risk exposure solutions.

Algorithms designed in Excel and deployed in KDCalc can process live data streams to identify arbitrage opportunities, methodology matches, hedging requirements, and any other indicators you define. Additionally, financial professionals from analysts to expert quant programmers can use KDCalc to rapidly articulate their own custom trading strategies.

1: develop your trading support model in Excel. 2: click on the KDCalc button to turn your spreadsheet into a real-time trading solution*. * -  Excel is not needed at runtime. 3: connect to internal and external data sources. 4: deploy your solution to traders and risk management professionals.

Do you want to know how KDCalc can work for you?

Demo: Making your spreadsheet available online

Click here to see applications designed in Excel and deployed with KDCalc.

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