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Knowledge Dynamics is a software and services company founded in 1998 by former Accenture Executives. The company is focused on delivering innovative software solutions that dramatically improve business productivity in diverse industries and categories of applications.

Knowledge Dynamics helps clients use KDCalc to turn spreadsheet-oriented, manual business processes into scalable, automated enterprise solutions. Knowledge Dynamics is a recognized leader in financial analysis applications, business intelligence automation, and training simulations. Knowledge Dynamics solutions are in use at banks, businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies around the world.

We develop a wide variety of solutions for our clients in several industries and application areas, and we are market leaders in developing custom eLearning simulations.

To be the leading provider of intelligent enabling technology that improves business performance through improved human performance.

A world where Knowledge Dynamics software products help people achieve their full potential and perform at their peak every day.

To learn more about Knowledge Dynamics, KDCalc or KDSimStudio, please contact us via e-mail or through our address or phone number below:

Knowledge Dynamics, Inc.
820 Davis Street, Suite 123
       Evanston, Il 60201
          (847) 869-1595
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