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KDCalc gives instructional designers and subject matter experts unprecedented power and ease in creating sophisticated simulations. Simulation development with KDCalc and the familiar visual environment of Excel can be completed in a

fraction of the time and cost required to build the same learning experience in a programming language.

With KDCalc you can turn your Excel spreadsheet model directly into a web-based learning simulation that looks and acts like your spreadsheet, or you can provide a custom user interface in Flash, Director, or any other UI technology.

With KDCalc you can create effective, efficient learning experiences faster, cheaper, and more accurately.

1: develop and test your eLearning simulation model in Excel. 2: click on the KDCalc button to publish your eLearning simulation model*. * -  Excel is not needed at runtime. 3: develop a custom user interface if desired. 4: deploy your eLearning simulation to end-users over the web or on CD-ROM.  KDCalc-based simulations integrate with SCROM 1.2 and 1.3 compliants LMSs.

Do you want to know how KDCalc can work for you?

Demo: Try these live demos and visit this simulation tutorial for more information

Click here to launch a new product line in our BreakEven simulation.
Click here to manage marketing and distribution channels as the CEO of a toy company in our BricksorClicks simulation.
Click here to learn how to build simulations with Excel and KDCalc.

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