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Features of KDCalc Calculation Engines

KDCalc can turn your Excel spreadsheets into highly scalable enterprise applications.

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High Performance

KDCalc is fast and optimized for calculation speed.
With KDCalc you can create:
 - highly scalable interactive calculation systems
 - high availability web services
 - high throughput batch calculation systems
 - highly parallelized calculation systems


Put KDCalc on your Application Server and use KDCalc's XML integration to get all the benefits of load balancing, fail-over, and high availability. KDCalc for Java can integrate into EJB servers such as BEA's WebLogic, Apache Jakarta, Tomcat, and JBoss. KDCalc.NET can be used on Windows2000 Server and Windows2003 servers with ASP.NET.


Since its release in 2002, KDCalc has been adopted by banks, businesses, academic institutions, and governments all over the world. These organizations trust KDCalc to accurately and securely process billions of dollars worth of transactions and business decisions every day.


Many business processes now require an audit trail to comply with new regulations. KDCalc lets you continue to rely on your trusted Excel spreadsheet models and enables you to centrally authenticate users, keep audit trails of business decisions, and log transactions.


The KDCalc Engine for .NET is a 100% Managed .NET assembly DLL that works with .NET 1.0 or higher. The KDCalc Engine for Java is a 100% Pure Java component that works with Java 1.1.8 JRE or higher.


The KDCalc Engines for Java and .NET can be used in any Java or .NET application and seamlessly integrate with any security architecture. Put KDCalc-based applications on secure servers, behind firewalls, on intranets, etc.


Use KDCalc's ProcessXML API for stateless server transactions through a single method call to KDCalc. This API lets you build custom web services around KDCalc.

Component Oriented

KDCalc generates complete Web apps that look and calculate like your Excel workbooks. But KDCalc is also component-oriented. If your app needs a custom user interface you can use any UI technology, including Flash, Director, or anything that can call Java or .NET. If you don't need any interface at all, you can integrate the KDCalc Engine to provide batch execution of your calculations and business rules.


KDCalc can handle huge spreadsheets. KDCalc customers use KDCalc to compile Excel files that range from 500K to over 30MB, with over 100 Worksheets, and over 1 Million formula cells.

Read our case studies for more information.

Customer Quote
" KDCalc is an ideal approach because the actuaries have very complex spreadsheets - communicating the formulas to programmers would be very tedious and hard to QA. Maintenance of formulas by business users is a major benefit."
-Tom S.
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