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Case Studies

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Actuaries at a large health insurance provider developed a very large Excel spreadsheet to rate the risk of its group health plan members. Developers re-programmed the spreadsheet calculations as C# code and updated the C# code each month with changes from the actuaries. This was a time-consuming and error-prone process. They tried to eliminate this coding step by putting Excel on the server, but found that Excel is not multithreaded and does not scale for multiple users or high throughput. They tried feeding data to Excel with a Message Queue, but this proved too slow to handle the case load.

With KDCalc, the Excel rating spreadsheet could be directly transformed into a rating server application for .NET. Developers built code to pass the case data from a queue to a pool of KDCalc engines running as a service. With KDCalc, changes to the actuarial rating logic only take a few button clicks as KDCalc eliminates the manual Excel to C# conversion process.

In addition, with KDCalc running on the server-side, the company can perform both on-demand rating calculations for customers and run batch calculations over their entire book of business to compare month to month changes in their rating system. With tens of thousands of members in their book of business, performance is critical and KDCalc performed.

Using KDCalc, insurance companies can turn all of their Excel-based actuarial business logic, including pricing, underwriting, rating, and forecasting into centrally managed systems. Contact us to learn how we can help transform your organization.

See our Auto Insurance demo for a simple example of how KDCalc can create a simple auto insurance quoting calculator.

Customer Quotes
"... we use KDCalc for our Web Broker Portal to allow brokers to be able to quote prospective groups online. KDCalc its doing its job. Nice product!"
-Juan R.
"Thank you. Not just for getting this problem resolved in a timely manner, but also for creating such a great product. By giving us the ability to do business logic and rate calculations in Excel rather than convoluted code, KDCalc has completely revolutionized the way we approach development. It's made my job of heck of a lot easier to say the least."
-Chirs S.
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