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What do I get?

KDCalc consists of 2 parts: an Excel plug-in called the KDCalc Designer, and a runtime engine, called the KDCalc Engine. The KDCalc Designer converts your cell formulas and data into a compressed executable that runs without Excel on Java and .NET. If your application needs a user interface, the KDCalc Designer can also convert the look and feel of your Spreadsheets into ASP.NET, JSP, and HTML pages. The KDCalc Engine provides programmatic access to your cell formulas. The KDCalc Engine for .NET includes a DataAdapter class that supports simple and complex binding to third party controls and grids.

How do I use it? Show me how.

The KDCalc plug-in installs directly into the Microsoft Excel toolbar. Click a few buttons to set up the deployment options, and KDCalc
creates a webpage and a compressed file that
performs the
and data
in your Excel
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What Excel Features Does KDCalc Support?

KDCalc supports many Excel features including; borders, hyperlinks, multiple sheets, and over 200 functions.
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What are the System Requirements for KDCalc?

The KDCalc Designer plug-in for Excel requires:
 - Win98 or higher
 - Excel2000 or higher*
 - 15MB of Free Disk Space
*Note: Excel is NOT required on the end user's machine.

The KDCalc Engine for .NET:
 - 100% Managed .NET DLL Assembly
 - Requires .NET framework and vjslib.dll v1.0 or higher
   What is .NET framework?
   What is vjslib.dll?

The KDCalc Engine for Java:
 - 100% Pure Java component
 - JRE 1.1 or higher for J2EE or J2SE development.
 - Requires a Java-ready browser for HTML development
   What is JRE 1.1?

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