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Live Demos - Hand Crafted User Interfaces using the KDCalc API

KDCalc-Generated User Interfaces | Hand Crafted User Interfaces

These demos were compiled using KDCalc and attached to custom-built interfaces.

Tank Game

                 -- interface built in Java

...ready, aim, fire! Try to
hit the target by setting
the angle, and velocity
of your shot. KDCalc
calculates the trajectory and feedback messages using simple cell formulas developed and tested in Excel.
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eLearning SImulations

Training Simulators are the most powerful method available today for learning new skills. KDCalc enables you to rapidly develop sophisticated training simulations, tailored to your markets, your products, your customers, and your way of doing business. KDCalc has been used to create training simulations on a diverse array of topics ranging from Finance and Management to IT and Engineering - even Surgery. With KDCalc, you can design, build, and test a simulation model in Excel, then publish it as a web-deliverable training simulation. You can use KDCalc's generated user interface or you can hand craft your own user interface. Click here to see several examples of training simulations created with KDCalc.

Heart-Rate Calculator

         -- interface built in ASP.NET

...a simple heart-rate
calculator that connects
our KDCalced spread-
sheet to a Microsoft® WebDataGrid in ASP.NET.
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Java Spreadsheet Viewer

                 -- interface built in Java

...a simple KDCalced
spreadsheet embedded
as a KDSpreadSheet-
Control in a Java
SpreadSheet Viewer Applet.
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ASP.NET WebViewer

         -- interface built in ASP.NET

...the KDCalc
ASP.NET WebViewer
shows how
KDCalc.NET enables
live, editable calculations bound to the Microsoft WebDataGrid in ASP.NET.
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