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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked | General | Technical

Can I get a full demo version of KDCalc?
You can download a free evaluation version of KDCalc to try it out. This is a size-limited demo that you can use to evaluate all of KDCalc's features, API, and performance. If you need to test a full spreadsheet, contact us and we will compile the full spreadsheet for you. We can execute an NDA if neecessary.

Does KDCalc support charts?
Yes. KDCalc Version 5.0 now supports charts. KDCalc will generate your Excel charts inro your ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, and HTML web applications. Click here for a Demo.

Does KDCalc support off-book references?
Not directly. KDCalc uses the cached value from the off-book reference and substitutes it in.

What functions does KDCalc support?
See the KDCalc Functions document. If the function you're looking for is not there, let us know.

Does KDCalc read .XLS files?
No, KDCalc reads your Excel formulas and data through the Excel API and compiles them into a compressed, encrypted executable format (a .KDC file) that runs scalably and securely without Excel. KDC files are typically 1/5 the size of the original .XLS file. .XLS file reading is in development for release in a future version of KDCalc.

Does KDCalc support Macros, custom coded VBA, or custom functions?
VBA comes in two forms: Macros and User Defined Functions. We currently offer a feature called Private Label Functions that makes your custom functions available in Excel at design time and in KDCalc at runtime. A number of OEM partners have taken advantage of this feature to develop innovative products and services around KDCalc. We are currently developing a feature that will allow KDCalc to call arbitrary User Defined Functions.

Macros are VBA code that is triggered by some event. You would have to manually re-code your macros in your application that uses KDCalc. If you are developing a .NET application you will find that porting VBA to VB.NET is fairly straightforward.

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