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Features of KDCalc Web Applications

KDCalc can turn your Excel spreadsheets into interactive web applications.

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High Performance

KDCalc is fast and optimized for calculation speed. Data can be processed interactively or through batch processing runs.

UI Generation

KDCalc can generate user interfaces at the click of a button. Design the look and feel in Excel and choose which technology you want to use as your front-end. Even Excel charts and forms controls, such as sliders, combo boxes, and check boxes will be included in your generated interface. KDCalc supports ASP.NET, ASP Classic, JSP, and HTML.

Custom UI Integration

You can also develop custom user interfaces for KDCalc based applications in Flash, Director, or any other UI tool that works with Java or .NET.


KDCalc uses industry standard XML to store and retrieve user data.

Customer Quote
" Our application, QuoteIT, using KDCalc was promoted to production servers in March. The functions that it provides to our corporate sales staff are well liked and it is starting to make a difference to the bidding process... as a direct result we are looking to write a second application and extend the user base substantially to other business segments."
-Stephen W.
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