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KDCalc Partial Client List

  -  Blue Martini
  -  Deloitte Consulting
  -  Fortis Bank
  -  Generali Group
  -  Getronics
  -  ING
  -  Lockheed Martin
  -  Milliman USA
  -  NYC Hedge Fund
  -  Royal Bank of Malaysia
  -  Russell
  -  Skandia Life
  -  US Department of Defense

Case Studies

Learn how others are using KDCalc to realize dramatic results through our case studies.

KDCalc in the Enterprise

KDCalc turns your spreadsheets into calculation engines for Java and .Net. You can use them on servers and integrate with live data sources for all kinds of enterprise systems.
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Customer Quote
"Our system went live in Malaysia today, and so far I haven't had a 'phone call! No news is good news in this game! Thanks for all your support in getting us to this point. The deal would have undoubtedly fallen through without KDCalc."
-Nick P.
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